Monday, February 08, 2010

A Favor Please

I registered with Google Analytics late last month. So far it is mostly baffling me.

Part of that is that it doesn't really explain what it "tells me."

As has been the case for the life of the blog, by far the biggest search hits here have been "The Federal Judge Song" and "How to Strip Speaker Wire." There are a lot of people out there that want to hear the song (the site where I found it is dead, I put an update at the top of the post telling people that, but Google still has me as the number one site for any variation of the search). There are a ton of people who want to strip wire. Here's the secret. Don't get any tools, get a lighter and burn the end off the wire. That's it. I continue to do a service to scores of people a month. I'm also good for helping people reheat pizza and not finding them whether they can buy booze on Sundays.

Back to Google Analytics. Who the hell are the two thirds of you that are unique visitors? The other third of you? Setting aside those of you that come from the searches mentioned above and others, there are still a bunch of you that stop by here and actually read what I write to the tune of about 30 a day (Google says that the overall average stay is about a minute and a half).

So, regular commenters, go on about your business. Those of you that I know read and never write, go on too. The rest of you, who are you? What got you here? What keeps you coming back? Tell us about yourself.


Jeni said...

Technically, according to your post, I should just be "movin' on" -cause you know I'll be back to read -again and again. But let me tell you this much, about the google thingy -you have no idea how good it made me feel to know that you can't figure heads nor tails about much of what it is analyzing either! Now I don't feel like the lone ranger! I don't play around with that aspect of google anymore though -way too confusing and couldn't get it to function the way it said it should. I still have my sitemeter though and even that thing confuses me too -especially when it says that the blogger is coming from an "unknown" isp, has an "unknown" isp number and their location -well, that's an unknown too! How the hell did they find me then if they are that unknown?

dr sardonicus said...

Fermi sent me. I liked the neighborhood, and I stayed.

Kate said...

I just hopped over from the "Living Next Door To Alice" blog.. this link is on the sidebar. Cheers!

Dave said...

I've pretty much given up understanding the Analytics Jeni. It comes down to about 30 people a day, day in and day out. Beyond that, who cares.

Doc, it's a pretty good extended neighborhood.

Hi Kate, Thomas has a good neighborhood himself.

The Curmudgeon said...

I have Google Analytics and Sitemeter. Both allegedly measure traffic. The one consistent thing is that they usually give different numbers.....