Saturday, February 27, 2010


A lot of the blogs I read are publishing less often over the past few months.

I know that I could go to your places and forage among your favorites or whatever you call them.

But, I’m lazy: give me some links in the comments of places you frequent.


fermicat said...

Not an amateur blog here, but I find the Wait, Wait blog from the NPR news quiz amusing.

As for 'real people' blogs, I've experienced the same problem as you. Among frequently updated blogs that you may not have visited, I would recommend the ever entertaining No Accent Yet by the fabulous Tiff. A funny guy who doesn't update all that often, but is worth a read when he does, is John at Random Squeegee.

Jeni said...

Considering I think I stole a lot of the blogs I read/follow from your list of favorites, I do have a few others that are, for me, must reads!
One is "Oh Mighty Crisis" ( along with "Somewhere on the Masthead" (, "Burnettiquette" ( and "Suldog" (

There's a whole slew of other blogs that I read too but many of them are more along the "woman's" type of reads -still some really good ones there too but the ones I listed above here -especially the first two -that I think you might find something of interest in them.
Give 'em a shot anyway and let me know your thoughts after if you will.

Dave said...

Thanks ladies, I'll give them a try.