Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super Bowl Preparation and Prediction

Chili is in the crock pot. Later it goes into the frig to marinate, then simmer again for a while tomorrow.

That's it as far as preparation.

As to predictions, the Colts will probably win; but, I hope not. I've been to New Orleans a number of times over the last couple of years. The people I've met there are fun loving. They live and die by the Saints and have died by them for decades now.

As much as the City has gone through, as much as the people have strived to return from, I'd love to be there, not Miami, during the game, win or lose. Not being there, I'd love to see them jump up and down if Who Dat becomes Dat for this year.

That's not too much to ask I'm thinking.

Saints by one or more.


Jeni said...

Neither team is MY team but I have had a dislike for the Colts -along with those infernal Cowboys and the Giants too -for as long as I can remember liking pro football, so for that reason I hope your prediction comes true. That, and also in situations like this, I tend to like the underdog team. Go Saints!

Anonymous said...

I think the Saints will win this one handily.

(This is one of those rare games where there's really nobody on either team that I viscerally dislike.)