Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Which path?

I got two calls this morning, from two different executives with the same client.

The first discussed an ongoing lack of response from a federal agency on an application. “Is there any way I can force these people to do what they were supposed to do months ago?”

The answer is maybe; but, my response was to suggest that I write a very low-key letter that outlined the application process with the dates of all of the activity to the highest level person involved and asked if there was anything I could do to speed the process along, advising I’d be calling the person in a week or so.

That’s probably enough to get the person off the person’s ass. If not, a copy of the letter a level up may well work. If not then, it’s time for law stuff.

My second call was for advice on how to do something that probably can’t be done given the law concerning the issue. We talked about the options given that reality and came up with something that we can do that will almost certainly give the same result without the bad legal results.

In both matters, I could have charged ahead, threatening and bullying, charging more money for my scorched earth campaign. Then too, over time, I wouldn’t have the client and I wouldn’t have been doing my job. And I wouldn’t have enjoyed what I was doing.

Good lawyering, business and karma?


Keith said...

Just curious...but does this involve a person applying for a Federal Government Job?

Dave said...

No, a government contracting program. They've always taken forever and appear to be worse in this economy.

Keith said...

The same with hiring. I am the Union Steward in my office and have a person that is trying to bid out on other jobs, but the process has slowed drastically in the past 6 months.

The Curmudgeon said...

Yes, this is the only way to operate... and you have to know what you're doing before you realize it's OK.

At least that's my explanation for why most scorched-earth types in our profession seem to be so young. That and the fact that they'd have to die off early....

Debo Blue said...

What does scorched earth mean?

I think you should have forged ahead and charged the client. Seems like you've gotten gadget-happy lately so you need enough to keep buying.

Dave said...

Total war. Sherman's march to the sea was, in parts, such.


Dave said...

As to the gadget penchant. I go in fits and starts. I'm not in need or want of any thing these days.

I did have a moment last night where I thought I had/got to buy a flat screen for the bedroom. There was sound but no picture. It turned out I had inputted an HD channel number which doesn't display on a CRT display.