Saturday, February 06, 2010


I have a T-Mobile G1 Android smart phone, one of the early baby computer phones, after the IPhone.

In many ways it does as much as my desk top or laptop, and more when it comes to mobile search. A Google search for something commercial tends to give some local results. I'm assuming this is based on my IP address, though I'm not sure. I don't enable GPS unless it's needed for an application I'm using.

Anyway, starting today, if I go to the phone browser which is Google by default, there's a pop up that asks me if I want to give the "website" (duh, Google) access to my location. I have my choice between never, cancel and yes. A Google search doesn't tell me what this new question means for what Google will get beyond what it now gets.

Since Google is now in bed with the NSA on the China stuff….

So far, I'm clicking cancel.

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