Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blade Escalation

I got a beer with my friend the cop after work today. Our conversation meandered as it always does. We discussed tomatoes as I had made myself a couple of bacon and tomato sandwiches last night. I mention that I was going to stop by Target and buy a serrated knife, something I don't have and have meant to get for a long time.

My friend mentioned that he has a mandolin that he likes but that he doesn't use all that much. We discussed cost and I said I'd stick with my seven or so dollar cost factor for a cheap knife.

Well, I didn't feel like stopping, it's too cold and the Target on Druid Hills, and Druid Hills itself, are madhouses after work.

I just got done surfing mandolins. Did you know you can pay $400 bucks for one? Or you can pay about fifteen with twenty one star reviews.

I succumbed to the cheapest five star rating for $40 bucks, tax, tag and title.

If you need anything sliced, diced or julienned on German steel blades, let me know sometime after five to nine days from now (Amazon Super Saver Free Shipping).

I'm having flash backs to the old SNL bass-o-matic bit and Ron Popiel's spray-on hair.


fermicat said...

When I saw the title was "Blade Escalation" I thought maybe they came out with a six or seven blade razor. It's only a matter of time until a disposable razor resembles the size and shape of a mandolin.

I've found that the free super saver shipping is usually pretty fast. In fact, I see no reason to ever pay for the "fast" shipping.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Will it thin slice roast beef or ham? You know, like deli-thin?

Dave said...

Don't know. If it will, bonus! Amazon tracking says it'll be here Monday.