Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Short Conversation With Annie

Over time I’ve become insular. I like what I like, or I tell myself that.

My last post was about my less than expansive selections on TV; and, I suppose I took a little pride in my professed non-snobbishness.

So, based on never having heard, and having only seen a few pictures (though quite regularly) on the Internet, I dismissed Lady GaGa.

“She was accepted as a student at Julliard. Her lyrics are brilliant.” I have no idea whether the latter statement is true. I don’t know that declining to go to Julliard is a credential.

But, I do know that I need to expand my horizons, though it might lead to disappointment rather than pleasure. Staying within my métier is comfortable and safe. Moving beyond it is unsettling but just may lead to small delights, with the necessary failures.

Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

"Lady Gaga" kind of reminds me of Elton John: garish costumes and a knack for pop songs. But it's hard for me to get past that stupid, stupid, stupid name she picked for herself.

Jenn said...

Lady GaGa is wearing some of the industry's finest fashion in her video's and most expensive. She has been rated most Vogue woman of 2009. I like a few of her songs but don't tell Doc, LOL, he might cringe.

Jenn said...

put my fav video/song up on my blog for you

blogettante said...

Don't listen to "Telephone." If you're at all sleepless, it will worm its way inside your head and keep you up all night. I wouldn't buy an album, but she definitely knows her way around an addictive pop hook.

Dave said...

I made my way through half a video. Enough, as I said baby steps.

Annie K said...

I'm not saying everyone can or should appreciate Gaga as an artist. When I went to the High to see the Monet exhibit everyone else raved, but I was very unimpressed. Water Lilies looked like really big hotel art to me. But apparently it was quite revolutionary in its time.

Not sure if my analogy really conveys my point perfectly. But either way, you should watch the rest of the Telephone video.

Dave said...

It does Annie. The point for me though is that failure to expose myself to GaGa or Monet means that if there is rapture there, I'll miss it.