Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Spend a Really Boring Couple of Hours:

Go to the annual Atlanta Bar Association Awards Luncheon.

I applauded each time I heard applause. I’m sure the recipients of the awards were worthy, for just what, I’m not at all sure.

I did see a fellow lawyer I hadn’t seen in awhile and enjoyed a conversation.

Finally, Google Navigator: if you turn from 12th Street onto Piedmont, you don’t make a left turn after 600 yards to get to the Piedmont Driving Club of which I’m not a habitue. Rather you go over into the far right hand lane, drive about a hundred yards and pull into the fancy pillared, gated driveway where the nice police officers are blocking traffic (something I learned in my third loop of a few blocks in Midtown Atlanta).

Finally, finally, the iced tea was pretty good, the seafood crepes, not so much.


Debo Blue said...

You had great iced tea and met an old acquaintance. You could have been standing in line at the DMV or waiting for a pedicure.

Dave said...

Debo, I think there's a sign at the door of our DMV offices that says no shirt, no shoes, no food or drink. But I could be wrong.