Friday, May 07, 2010

Here's a new pain in the disk

As I type, I’m watching a “pre-roll BD Live” promo of a movie that a Google search for the quoted words tells me is a win for me because I “get to view fresh and relevant content every time [I] insert [a] Blu-ray disc into a BD-Live connected player…." The "feature" forces me to wait while it fetches a promo for a movie from the Internet. I don’t want to watch the previews, be they stale or fresh.

I’ve tried to fast forward this wonderful fresh content and am told such is not “available.” Forwarding to the end freezes the whole process and I have to wait it out for a couple of minutes while it cuts off the Internet connection and starts loading the disk for the movie that I DO want to watch.

I’ll solve the problem by disabling BD Live, which has always been lame; but, in the meantime, Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc., the purveyor of the annoyance, sucks.

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Sonja's Mom said...

I'm so sorry. I have no idea what your talking about (sounds like a foreign language) but since it obviously distresses you - I'm so sorry.