Sunday, May 23, 2010


I’ll be missing my last chance to watch a first run episode of Lost tonight. I’ve never see an episode of 24. I watched Everyone Loves Raymond once while at a brother’s house. It wasn’t bad. Friends, part of an episode when I was flipping channels. I’ve probably caught parts of Seinfeld a couple of times.

I don’t think I’m a TV snob. I just gave up on episodic TV a long time ago. My last “must see” network TV was Fox on Sundays with The Simpsons and Futurama.

I suppose I miss some good stuff; but, I just lost the habit. And given the best invention of all time (other than the computer) the DVR, coupled with cable/satellite and Netflix, there’s way too much stuff available to occupy my time.

UPDATE: Comedy Central is airing new episodes of Futurama starting in June.

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fermicat said...

Still don't have a DVR. Want one, but lazy. We do watch a lot of stuff on demand, or on the computer. Can't figure out what night things are on, and usually miss them.

Haven't watched Lost since seeing Season 1 on DVD about a year or so ago. We'll catch up eventually. No spoilers, please!