Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Free Speech in Georgia - Republican Style

There’s a goofball, and maybe a criminal that got away with it, that’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor. He doesn’t have a chance.

Karen Handel, our recently resigned (so she could collect money while the Legislature was in session) Secretary of State announced recently that she wouldn’t attend a debate that the goofball attended.

This from the Columbia County Young Republicans:

“Due to recent allegations, and the refusal by former secretary of state Handel to appear alongside Ray McBerry, we made the difficult decision to not include Mr. McBerry in this debate.”

What’s so difficult about the decision? Oh, that part about the press tearing the goofball apart to the detriment of your other candidates. The one that was under investigation by the Feds, the one….. hell there’s too much to list and its just garden variety Georgia corruption.

Oh, and there’s a GOP guy that’s rich and decided to run for the nomination on a throw the bums out platform with his own money. He wouldn’t sign the loyalty oath demanded (and legally allowed) by the GOP. He’s now an independent candidate.

Finally, here’s the sad thing, one of the GOP people swearing fealty to the Party, having suppressed debate, will probably win in November. We are a Red State, though we take the money from the Socialist Feds; but, that's okay, we trash them before, during and after we pocket the money.


Jeni said...

Dave - I wish I could express exactly how much I do enjoy and appreciate when you rip on the politics -and corruption -in your fair state. And more than that, I wish more people had the wherewithal to understand fully the points you are making -as Georgia is certainly not the only state that has people running it or trying or vying to get in a power position to run it. And I loved your last paragraph! Don't ever stop doing this, reacting to these things in your own inimitable style. Who knows, perhaps your comments will strike a chord in others who will then also see the errors of their ways or of the ways of those trying to become the all powerful and mighty in the ruling class -in Georgia or elsewhere too.

fermicat said...

The refusal of that one guy to sign a loyalty oath makes me more likely to consider voting for him. The governor needs to promise to be loyal to the people of Georgia, not to their own political party.

Dave said...

Thanks Jeni. Fermi, I think you'll find he's a bit right wing for your tate.

Dave said...

Thanks Jeni. Fermi, I think you'll find he's a bit right wing for your tate.

Lifehiker said...

Our "liberal" state of New York is just as messed up, just in a different way. Republicans/Democrats! I'm fed up with party politics! Just give me a smart and honest man or woman who can't be bought.

fermicat said...

You are probably right about Boyd (I think that is his name) being too conservative for me, but I will give him the courtesy of a "look-see".