Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ignore me, pay attention to my clothes

Rand Paul having put his foot in his mouth last week a couple of times, followed the tradition of politicians who try to create an image that is attractive to the electorate but has nothing to do with their ability to lead.

Yes, I'm a little goofy with the anti-Civil Rights Act stuff; but, look, I'm a doctor!

W did it with his look at me, I'm a fighter pilot pose.

Perhaps most infamously, Michael Dukakis having been labeled as weak on defense, when we were still contending with the Soviet Union, donned military gear and tried to channel Patton but could only pull off Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Oddball in Kelly's Heroes.


fermicat said...

The fact that Dukakis bears a striking similarity to Corporal Klinger didn't really help. Does playing dress up ever work?

Dave said...

I got distracted by the tank. Klinger would have been a much better reference.

Wes said...

Y'know, I may be the only reader of this blog who has met Mike Dukakis. When I lived in far-northwestern Massachusetts, he came to town to give a speech at the college where I was teaching.

He can laugh about the tank thing now, but it's a real shame that a man of impeccable credentials and tremendous love of country was smeared so badly. I still contend he'd have made a darn fine President.


Dave said...

The Willie Horton ad didn't help either.