Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is so hard about this? UPDATED

I’ve been seeing a lot of sound bites and reading bits of politician and military brass talk about the “rush” to pass a law repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Even those in favor of the repeal seem to think that it’s imperative that the Pentagon poll the troops to determine the “implications” as put by Colin Powell.

The implications are that some people are going to be pissed. Other people are going to be happy. Neither has anything to do with whether the law should be repealed.

The one red herring that might have validity, were it not a red herring, is that repeal would damage our national defense. Do you really think that people in the military don’t pretty much know who’s gay and who’s straight? Does anyone think that self-outing by said gay people will cause a collapse of our military?

The military, kicking and screaming, absorbed black people into unsegregated ranks. I’m betting two or three of them every now and again have been gay. The military is still around and pretty effective within the bounds set by the politicians.

Women can’t serve in the military because….. Women can’t serve in combat positions because…. Yep, women are soldiers and the Republic hasn’t collapsed.

Just do it.

UPDATE: I got an Email from a manager at suggesting I link to it's video about the current debate about delaying repeal of DADT. Here's the link:

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Jeni said...

It is quite mind-boggling that our govt. -in its esteemed wisdom -feels this is an earth-shattering thing that people who are gay should be able to serve in the military, to honor and protect our country, and yet, what does our country do for certain elements but harass, harangue and make life difficult for them? I see nothing all that difficult about this issue whatsoever. Good post and one that I would hope someone in power might see too and maybe it would help the mental lightbulb to come on there then.